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Ibram X. Kendi on Twitter: “He’s gone. And now, it is up to us to drive out what he represents. He is lies and bigotry and injustice and tyranny embodied–and the work is only beginning to drive him out of our body politic. Joy, today. Resolve, tomorrow.” / Twitter

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I believe that we, as a whole world, are going through a transition and these so-called “bleak times” are necessary to go through in order to get to a much, much, much better place. The old way is giving way to a new way and it started a long time ago, the transition, and more […]

Why Americans only use a fork to eat: The short history of US dining utensils — Quartz

On June 25, 1633, when governor John Winthrop, a founding father of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, took out a fork, then known as a “split spoon,” at the dinner table, the utensil was dubbed “evil” by the clergy. They said that the only thing worthy of touching “God’s food” was fingers, according to Colonial American History […]

Hanna Hart sez:

By taking care of yourself, you’re taking care of your community.

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Real programmers have no use for managers. Managers are a necessary evil. They exist only to deal with personnel bozos, bean counters, senior planners and other mental midgets.

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Alas, how love can trifle with itself!

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udp – universal dropping of an pigeon

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Fame may be fleeting but obscurity is forever.

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Record additional transactions on back of previous stub.

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This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. If this had been an actual emergency, do you really think we’d stick around to tell you?